State Regulations

The following list provides information on state regulations regarding allowing physicians to sell/dispense medications from their clinic.

Alabama: Dispensing license: $100

Arkansas: Dispensing license: only 72-hour supply for emergencies, once licensed, can dispense as desired

Arizona: Dispensing license: $200

California: No license required

Colorado: No license required

Connecticut: No dispensing license required but $10 controlled substance license required (

D.C.: Dispensing license: no fee upon mayoral approval

Delaware: No license required

Florida: Dispensing license: $100

Georgia: No license required

Hawaii: No license required

Iowa: Dispensing license: $50 for 2 years

Idaho: Dispensing license: $60

Illinois: Dispensing license: $50

Indiana: Dispensing license: $20

Kansas: No license required

Kentucky: No license required

Louisiana: Dispensing license: $75 plus background check

Massachusetts: No license required; only 72-hour supply for emergencies

Maryland: Dispensing license: $50

Maine: No license required

Michigan: Dispensing license: $85 for 3 years

Minnesota: No license required

Missouri: Dispensing license: $90

Mississippi: No license required

Montana: Physician dispensing not allowed

North Carolina: Dispensing license: $50

North Dakota: No license required

Nebraska: No license required

New Hampshire: No license required

New Jersey: No license required

New Mexico: No license required

Nevada: Dispensing license: $300 for clinic and $50 for each physician, plus has to be registered as a Worker’s Comp. physician

New York: Physician dispensing not allowed

Ohio: Managed care, no physician reimbursement, no license

Oklahoma: No license required

Oregon: Physicians must complete an Application for Registration as a Dispensing Physician

Pennsylvania: No license required

Rhode Island: No license required

South Carolina: Dispensing license: $100

South Dakota: Dispensing license: no fee

Tennessee: No license required

Texas: Physician dispensing not allowed

Utah: Physician dispensing not allowed

Virginia: Dispensing license: $200 plus inspection

Vermont: No license required

Washington: No license required

Wisconsin: No license required

West Virginia: Dispensing license: $35 for 2 years

Wyoming: Dispensing license: $10

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